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Riello iPlug 800VA UPS

Riello IPG 800 IT
Power 800VA/480W
Back-up (70% load) 3 min

Varenummer: IPG800IT
EAN: 8023251002380
inkl. mva.
The iPlug series is the ideal solution for household, and small home office systems. Its compact size and versatility - push-button operation, LED status panel and user-replaceable batteries - make iPlug easy to
install within a domestic environment to protect systems from surges and blackouts. When mains power fails the load is powered by the inverter and built-in battery. PowerShield³ UPS monitoring and control software can be used for an orderly unattended shutdown of IT systems.

• ECO LINE energy efficient product
• Compact, ergonomic design
• 5 sockets with battery backup
• 3 sockets with surge protection only
• Cold start capability to power up the UPS without mains power
• User replaceable batteries
• USB interface for remote monitoring
• Power cable included
• Protection from short-circuits
• Auto restart - when the mains returns after battery exhaustion
• GS/Nemko safety marking
• Available with French (2P+E), English, Schuko and Italian outlets.
• PowerShield³ supervision and shut-down software for Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X and Sun Solaris operating systems
• Plug and Play function.
Lengde 313.0 mm
Bredde 185.0 mm
Høyde 99.0 mm
Vekt 3.4 kg
Opprinnelsesland Kina
Spenningsgruppe AC/AC
Inn / utspenning 230/230
Effekt W 480.0 W
Effekt VA 800.0 VA
Varenr.: IPG600IT
Riello iPlug 600VA UPS

Riello IPG 600IT
Power 600VA/360W
Back-up (70% load) 4 min


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